Dr. Rodríguez Connal's Professional Biography

My dissertation deals with transcultural rhetorics because of my interest in cultural identities. Born of Puerto Rican immigrants in New York, living in convent schools, and later moving to California, I experienced what many call borderland cultural exchanges and aspects of people who are members of the first generation in the U. S. within their families.

After a late start on an academic career, I earned my doctorate from the University of Arizona and began a journey that has led me back east close to my beginnings. Currently I teach in the English Department at The University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic institution co-founded by the Jesuits and Sisters of Mercy. This university shares many of my values for teaching, research and community action in service to all students, although my particular interests lies with the needs of Latino/a students. At UDM, I am a member of the English Department(Department Faculty Page) where I am the Director of the Writing Program and the Writing Center. UDM's Leadership Institute provides the means for our classes to provide Service Learning or Community Based Writing for our students

I earned my doctorate at The University of Arizona and its English Department in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English. Previously, I taught in California where I had earned my Master of Arts degree in Composition at California State University, San Bernardino, and I taught at various community colleges in California's Inland Empire. The term "Freeway Flyer" certainly applied to me then since I drove 2,000 miles per month to the various teaching sites.

Leaving California, though difficult, led me to Arizona's beautiful deserts where I was able to develop my scholarly focus on writing, gender, and cultures.

Upon leaving the beautiful Tucson AZ area, I taught at Arizona State University in its English Department . While there, I learned about their dedication to Learnng and Teaching Excellence. The work done there has influenced my teaching philosophy.


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